For the 23rd time, leading experts from science, government, companies, banks, law firms, and accounting firms held their annual meeting in Rust, “RuSt,” to exchange information on the latest developments in the law.

The Business Circle conference, which took place from 17-18 October, offered first-class, practice-oriented updates in the disciplines of banking, capital markets, and tax law. Our partner, Dr. Peter Winkler, was one of the preeminent speakers, and he gave a lecture with Dr. Philipp Giessen (Marsh GmbH) about “Insurance solutions for transaction risks.”

The lecture addressed the increasingly relevant topic of Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) insurance. Dr. Peter Winkler and Dr. Philipp Giessen discussed current insurance law practices, and developments in this area, in great detail. The speakers also spoke about integrating W&I insurance into the existing system of Austrian warranty law, calculating damages in corporate transactions, and related legal scholarship.