At the 16th Business Circle HR Conference “PoP – Power of People”, Austria’s largest annual HR forum, which took place in Rust on 11-12 April 2019, our partner Dr. Jana Eichmeyer (head of the Employment Law and Litigation practice groups) presented on “Working time – new opportunities for HR, or old problems in new clothes?” and “Cooperation between HR and employee representatives in the new world of work.”

The labour law expert shed light on the most frequently asked questions in practice, on topics such as the “12-hour day”, the real cost of new reforms, and the much-discussed “guarantee of voluntariness.”

Her thought-provoking input on restructuring, performance measurements, and approaches ensured lively discussions and energetic discourse among the participants.

Around 200 HR reps convened again this year in Rust for an intensive exchange of experience and information, and discussed the challenges facing the industry. Numerous key notes, workshops, and case studies made for an exciting and instructive time at PoP 2019.